• By Ryan Gay
  • June 7, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Automation: Levatas and Boston Dynamics Join Forces for Advanced Inspection Capabilities


The story of Levatas and Boston Dynamics is one of innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision for revolutionizing the way the world uses mobile robots and Industrial AI. 

This morning, Boston Dynamics announced that Levatas is being announced as their first Certified Technology Partner for Industrial AI, and that the Analog Gauge detection and reading model from the Levatas Cognitive Inspection Platform will now be made available on all Spot robots moving forward. This is an exciting moment for us as a team, and a testament to our shared vision for pushing the boundaries of what automation can achieve.


It was hard to get everyone who has worked on the Spot integration project on video, so our Head of Partnerships did his best to capture the pride of the Levatas team, as well as the excitement for what’s to come.


But this was hardly an overnight success. It was in October 2019 when Levatas first recognized the immense potential of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot as the ideal platform to collect data in challenging environments; and, being a company that specializes in building computer vision models, data from hard-to-navigate places was what we needed. For this reason, each company seemed to complement each other extraordinarily well.

It was then that Spot became our firm’s lead platform for data collection and the automation of industrial inspections. Our team became laser focused on providing the Boston Dynamics robot the cognitive intelligence necessary to tackle the most demanding inspection tasks. Over the years that followed, our team set out to develop Industrial AI models specifically designed for Spot. Along the way, we made friends, delivered customer wins, broke things, fixed things, learned a ton, and probably had more Spot units operating at once than anyone else in the world. Cut to today, and we have created an entire platform of Industrial AI tools that can read analog gauges, identify thermal anomalies, listen for air and gas leaks, detect forms of corrosion, and even alert humans to any unexpected changes in their environments.



The impact of this collaboration has been felt across a number of industries, but those who seem to have benefited the most are in businesses that are capital-intensive: manufacturing, electric utilities, oil and gas, and petrochemicals, to name a few. And we’re also really proud of our joint clients. Incredible businesses like Anheuser-Busch InBev, TransBay Cable, Global Foundries, Publix, and Chevron, each have teams in the field with just as much appetite for innovation and discovery as we do. An engineering mindset that wants to test and prove out the technology, but also people and employees with a desire to let the robots handle the mundane or unsafe inspections, so they can take on more valuable and safe work. 

So today is a good day for us, as it marks the collaboration of Spot, the world’s most capable mobile robot, with the most advanced Industrial AI available.