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Our Capabilities

Our ability to create the future of business is only as strong as the smart, creative people who make up our team. See how our teams build a foundation for a variety of AI solutions.

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Data Science &
Machine Learning

AI, and all that it promises, is nothing without a strong foundation of clean, reliable and accessible data.

Starting with a discovery process to uncover key business needs, challenges and goals, the Levatas data team quickly gets to work identifying and recommending opportunities for rapid value delivery.

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Despite the fields of computer vision and natural language processing being relatively new to the marketplace thanks to recent advances in cloud-native processing power, these technologies are not new to Levatas. Our team insights into what’s working, what isn’t, and firsthand knowledge of the fastest pathways to achieving ROI.

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Intelligent UX &
Full Stack Development

Leading the way in design thinking best practices, our UI/UX experts apply their deep understanding of human behavior to create digital experiences that look and feel intuitive. Whether it’s a customer-facing mobile app, enterprise software, or a cross-platform solution, the technology is only as good as the thoughtful design that brings it to life.


Visual AI Solutions
for the Modern Enterprise

Specializing in computer vision technology, with Vinsa we can understand, design, and deploy artificial intelligence solutions across enterprise. Whether using our Intelligence Models or a custom-built model for your usecase, Vinsa’s engine knows what it doesn’t know and becomes smarter over time.

An-AI-Engine image
An AI Engine that
Knows what It Doesn’t

Vinsa’s patented engine technology adds a critical layer of intelligence to loop in human expertise, allowing models to adapt and learn on the fly.

Intelligence Model library image
Model Library

We have a cross-industry, Visual Intelligence Model Library that can be deployed in 30-45 days. We also build Custom Computer Vision Models for client-specific needs.

AI Enabler that is Chassis Agnostic image
AI Enabler that is

We work with world class partners like Boston Dynamics and DJI, however, we can use a variety of image capturing hardware as the tip of the spear for our CV models and software.

Deploy Models image
Deploy Models in the
Cloud or on Premises

Each use case brings unique challenges related to connectivity and the need for cloud or edge computing. We engineer solutions that can be deployed both ways and adjusted over time.

We train image
We Train and Deploy
in 30 to 45 Days

Our primary goal is to prove out a business hypothesis quickly. With that in mind, we aim to train and deploy models in less than three months, learning as quickly as possible what works and what does not.

Ready to deploy a
Vinsa model in your enviroment?

Learn more about what Vinsa
what can do for your ROI.

Artificial Intelligence in Action