• By Ryan Gay
  • June 28, 2023

Levatas Develops New AI capabilities for Drones


Building on the success of our collaboration with Boston Dynamics and their Spot robots, the Levatas team is on a mission to continue enabling even more advanced data collection devices. Earlier this year, we launched a team focused exclusively on enabling AI inspections for drones. This team’s work has already begun unlocking significant potential for our customers, and proving the hardware-agnostic nature of our AI-powered inspections platform.



Drones have been used to inspect industrial assets for years, but until recently, they’ve always been flown manually by trained human pilots. The data is then typically downloaded, stored and processed by human analysts who look for defects, unsafe conditions or changes to various environments. By incorporating drones into our Cognitive Inspection Platform, Levatas is ushering in a significant evolution to the world of drone inspections. Specifically, by providing end-to-end autonomous solutions, we’re making the human analysis component much faster and more efficient, thus lowering overall program costs.

One of the key advantages of our platform is the ability for our customers to rely on a standard set of AI tools and capabilities for their inspections, regardless of whether they are operating a robot, drone or using their existing fixed cameras. Levatas’ expansion to include autonomous drones demonstrates our commitment to providing adaptable solutions for industrial inspections. By embracing new hardware options, customers can use the best tools available for their specific needs.