Thermal Anomaly

Thermal Anomaly Detection

Powerful use cases for
detecting heat

The specific application of Thermal Anomaly Detection starts with your business’ challenges. Thermal cameras and robot payloads paired with our Intelligence Models can be used like performing mass screenings of elevated body temperatures in high traffic places.

Thermal Anomaly Detection can be deployed and optimized for any number of industries. Using thermal sensor information, analytics, and machine learning to identify specific objects and read their temperature against expected conditions, we help our partners find anomalies before they become problems.

Visual Solutions for Thermal Anomalies

RGB & Thermal Video w/ Object Detection

Powered by our Intelligence Models, our AI can detect objects using standard cameras and read their temperatures with a thermal camera — allowing objects to be tracked and store their average and desired temperatures feed into the anamoly detection model.

Employee Temperature & Facial Autodetection

Using facial autodetection our models can work with badge readers and employee ID’s to store historical temperature data for each employee to create more accurate readings.

AI Enabler that is Hardware-Agnostic

Our models work with a wide variety of camera setups, ranging from CCTV and single mounts, to advanced quadruped robots and drones. If we can capture the right amount of data with a camera that provides quality images, we can run our thermal model.