Computer Vision with
Boston Dynamics’ Spot®

Computer Vision with Boston Dynamics’ Spot®

The best in remote operation
and autonomous sensing

Our Intelligence Models take Spot from an engineering marvel by Boston Dynamics to a valuable workplace asset, capable of registering and processing visual data in hundreds of different use cases.

By automating labor-intensive tasks, such as reading analog gauges, performing facility inspections, detecting anomalies on a production line, and monitoring equipment and people to improve safety, we’ve seen clients immediately cut operational costs.

Visual Solutions with Spot

Custom Payloads image
Custom Payloads Optimized for Your Model

From a robotic arm and an onboard AI processing chip to a thermal camera and an H2S sensor, we work with Spot’s mechanical and electrical interfaces to integrate sensors or custom payloads based on use case.

Automated Inspection image
Automated Inspection Routines in Tough Terrain

Record maps and create your own missions with behavior trees by programming actions associated with specific points on the map. Later, use those missions to autonomously navigate your planned routes, or use AI models to determine automated route calculations and movement.

Picture and Video Data image
Picture and Video Data that Trains Models Over Time

When combined with Vinsa’s human in the loop engine, models running on SPOT learn and increase accuracy over time with consistent feedback.