Our Capabilities

Our ability to create the future of business is only as strong as the smart, creative people who make up our team. See how our teams and proven process for implementation build a foundation for AI solutions that can truly impact business.


Empathize & Plan

1-2 Weeks

Design, Prototype, Model, Evaluate

4-8 Weeks

Deploy, Test,

8-12 Weeks

Release Process


Data Science imageData Science
& Machine Learning

AI, and all that it promises, is nothing without a strong foundation of clean, reliable and accessible data. Starting with a discovery process to uncover key business needs, challenges and goals, the Levatas data team quickly gets to work idenitfying and recommending opportunities for rapid delivery value.

“We train and empower our partners to become data-driven organizat-ions, using their data as a strategic advantage over competitors.”

Data Discovery

Data Discovery

All work efforts begin with key business objectives learned through our discovery process.

Data Preparation image

Data Preparation

Necessary data is indentified, cleaned and migrated as needed so it’s accessible and accurate.

Modeling image


Models are created by our data scientists and refined until deemed ready for deployment.

Data Evaluation image

Data Evaluation

Models are tested to ensure quality, with a champion model selected for moving forward.

Data Presentation image

Data Presentation

Set into motion, we deploy, monitor, and improve as needed.

“Our CV products help companies augment, not replace, client teams — so your folks can focus on tougher challenges.”

Machine Perception imageMachine

Despite being relatively new to the marketplace, thanks to recent advances in cloud-native processing power and advanced robotics, computer vision technologies are transforming business operations in many industries. Having led CV initiatives inside multiple Fortune 500 businesses, our team has developed critical insight in to what works, what doesn’t and the fastest paths to achieving ROI.


Connecting a business problem with a Computer Vision AI solution.

Data Aggregation image

Data Aggregation
and Preparation

Data is acquired, tagged and classified to enable testing.

Model Selection image

Model Selection
and Training

Taget models are identified and trained until a predictive state is reached.

Model Evaluation image


Using cross validation and other techniques, models are tested and a champion model is selection.

Model Deployment image


We deploy, monitor performance, and create feedback loops to ensure models don’t become stale in production.


Gauge Reading
Intelligence Model

AI’s answer to automated reading of analog gauges at a massive scale.


Thermal Anomaly Detection

Models and decision making engines built to detect thermal variance and take critical action.

Intelligent UX imageIntelligent UX
& Full Stack Development

Our UI and UX experts use design thinking principles combined with their deep understanding of human behavior to create digital experiences that are intuitive. Whether it’s a customer facing mobile application, enterprise software, or a cross-platform solution, the technology that we build is only as good as the thoughtful design that brings it to life.

“As experience designers we strive
to empathize with and understand our users to deliver personalized solutions.”

Discovery image


Conduct research to develop understanding and insights into the user journeys.

UX Architecture image

UX Architecture

Combine research and observe where the user’s pain points exist. Ideate on improvements.

UI Design

UI Design

Bring the concept to life through a new visual design with a better user experience.

Prototyping image


Using cross validation and other techniques, models are tested and a champion model is selection.

User Testing image

User Testing

Iterate on improvements and features based on users’ feedback from testing the product.