Natural Language Processing & Understanding

Natural Language Processing & Understanding

Breaking the Language Barrier

The concept of computing and understanding natural human language has been an exciting one for over nearly half a decade. Business applications, however, have only recently started to truly take hold and provide exponential returns. Like all of our core practices, our first goal is to make sure and NLP/NLU application makes sense for both the business and the user.

While we’ve had successes with advanced consumer-facing chatbots and voice interfaces, a lot of NLP projects that streamline internal tasks or operations have seen the greatest returns from a business perspective. Reach out to us using the form below and we’ll put you in touch with an NLP expert to talk through your NLP use case.

Visual Solutions with NLP/U

Identify and Personalize Efficiencies

Personalize the end-user experience with self-learning models that can analyze and extract key insights to understand sentiment

Streamline Human Inputs

Use NLP models to support internal data entry and interpretation, saving human workers time that they can spend on more critical tasks.

Always on Customer Experience

Customer facing NLP interfaces, like voice search and AI driven chat, can offer an incredible experience that serves your customers on their time. Combine with our human in the loop models for peace of mind.