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[“person”, “hard hat”, “vest”]
image = cv2.imread(args[“image”])
detections = net.forward ()
label = “// “,CLASSES:”, confidence *
100,”% confidence”)
[“person”, “hard hat”, “vest”]
image = cv2.imread(args[“image”])
detections = net.forward ()
label = “// “,CLASSES:”, confidence *
100,”% confidence”)
[“person”, “hard hat”, “vest”]

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Johann Beukes

Chief AI Officer

Leading the data scientist and artificial intelligence (AI) team as Levatas, Johann has driven implementation of several large-scale projects, often serving as the principal data scientist and lead strategist, allowing his role with machine-learning pipelines and algorithms to take a back seat.

He’s further developed many computer vision (CV), natural language processing, and predictive analytical solutions for clients, resulting in millions of dollars per year saved in optimization, proactive fault-detection, and smarter decision-making. This skills help drive him and his team at Levatas to find new innovations that unlock long term value for clients.

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Our Approach

While we are technicians and developers at heart, we understand that our clients’ foremost objective is to create positive business impact. With this in mind, we start by completely understanding the business environment, identifying the unique circumstances and qualifying the right use case for AI and our visual models. Once we’re comfortable that our partners are applying solutions to the right challenge, our approach, while difficult technologically, is simple in concept: start small, test, calibrate and scale.

Approach Circle Understand

Empathize & Isolate

Define the area of impact and isolate where we’re going to apply a solution to test.

Approach Icon Understand
Approach Circle Design

Design, Prototype,
Model, Evaluate

Develop a hypothesis and engineer a technical solution.

Approach Icon Design
Approach Circle Deploy

Deploy, Test,

Integrate AI system or deploy models in real world business environment.

Approach Icon Deploy
Approach Circle Continuous

Release Process

Results driven scaling for maximum ROI and minimum disruption to business operations.

Approach Icon Continuous


Like most businesses, ours has evolved over the years – ebbing and flowing from intelligent design and enterprise software, to digital transformation and data strategy. Now, with a focus squarely in developing machine learning solutions and software, it’s exactly this evolution that has given us the unique ability to help our partners navigate the integration and deployment of AI models and machine perception systems. It takes skill at multiple levels to implement true end-to-end solutions.

People AI Stragetist

AI Stragetist

People Data Scientist

Data Scientist

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UX Designer

People Project Manager

Project Manager


Building end-to-end solutions that truly impact business operations require multiple specialties and technical declines up and down the chain of service and implementation, so be wary of a provider who claims they do it all or are “out of the box.” At Levatas, while we are highly skilled at model development, we are also like quarterbacks, recognizing that we need the best teammates in order to win. From data platforms and warehousing, to robots and robotic mission plans, we seek out and only work with best-in-class providers.


Our models work with a wide variety of visual capture platforms, ranging from CCTV and single mount cameras, to advanced quadruped robots and drones. Beyond straight imaging, we’ve processed data collected from RGB cameras, hyper spectral imaging systems, thermal and X-ray. With the right amount of data from a quality image, our models bring the intelligence to see “beyond the pixels” to draw rich insights and decision making capabilities that can power game changing automation.

In Development

Model Icon Gauge


Model Icon Thermal



We’ve built fully operational models for analog gauge reading, thermal anomaly and change detection. Given the right environment, they can be deployed quickly.


Model Icon Custom


Most of the time, there is not an “out of the box” CV model for a customer’s use case. In these situations, we work closely with your specific specifications to build it.