Analog Gauge Model

Analog Gauge Model

Cover more territory
with advanced robotics

With custom payloads on advanced robotics or drones, such as Boston Dynamic’s SPOT or DJI’s Inspire 2, customers are able to autonomously access more gauges in hard to reach places.

Vinsa’s gauge reading model takes environmental challenges in to account, recognizing that one reading may not be as straightforward as the next. When presented with challenges like an obstructed view or condensation, the model seeks human in the loop feedback over low accuracy results.

Visual Solutions for Analog Gauges

Reads Dozens of Gauge Types All at Once

The Vinsa gauge reading model has been trained on a variety of the most popular analog gauge types and is able to adjust it’s reference point from one gauge type to another in the same task.

AI Image Transposer to Read at More Angles

Cameras and robots don’t always get a straight-on view of gauges, but our model can transpose images to create a consistent and clear view of a gauge at more angles.

AI Enabler that is Hardware-Agnostic

Our models work with a wide variety of camera setups, ranging from CCTV and single mounts, to advanced quadruped robots and drones. If we can capture the right amount of data with a camera that provides quality images, we can run our gauge model.