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Your information has been recieved! Our Deployment Team will be reaching out shortly to install your software.

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Our dedicated Deployment Team will reach out in 1 business day to begin a remote installation of the Analog Gauge Model onto your Spot robot. We install and troubleshoot to ensure your Spot unit is reading gauges in no time.

Configuring your gauges

Our Deployment Team will help identity the gauges at your facility and configure the model to work with your equipment. Once the model is configured, Spot can even detect different gauge types in the same image and correctly read them.

Training and support

We leverage our experience with customers across multiple industries to help your team unlock the full potential of our models. From best practices to troubleshooting, we’re here to help educate and empower your team.


Have additional inspections at your facility? With the Cognitive Inspection Platform, you can automate even more!

Thermal Anomaly +

Automate thermal readings, pinpoint heat registers, and isolate regions to predict maintenance, breakdowns, and costly shutdowns.

Acoustic Anomaly

Find leaks from pipes and machinery through audible noise using the Fluke SV-600. Locate steam, air, or any compressed gas to see where pipes need repair.

People Detection

Capture headcount and traffic data, define safe zones and detect if workers are in harm’s way, and identify and alert potential security risks on-site.